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Thai Herbal products for :

  • Diabetes or high blood sugar

  • Diabetes ulcers or any inflammatory ulcers

Getting to know the herbs

Herbs are fruits and vegetables

Herbs are fruits and vegetables that have properties to treat various diseases and illnesses. Herbs are used to treat diseases, we need to mix two or more herbs together and we will call it "medicine", in addition to medicinal plants and may also use animals and minerals. Various help in the treatment of diseases, the use of plants, animals or minerals as an element in the treatment of medicines. We call it "pharmacopoeia" but if taking various herbs to cook, we call these herbs "spices". Herbs means plants that have properties to treat diseases. Or various illnesses, plants used to make medicine.


Classification of herbs is divided into 2 types: traditional herbs. And modern herbs, namely.

Traditional herbs are used to treat various diseases, which are obtained from plants, animals or minerals. Knowledge and wisdom that had been used to make medicine has been transmitted from the past to the present by folk wisdom in the past or might be a traditional Thai medicine from the past to the present, divided into traditional Thai medicine and traditional Chinese medicine herbs.

​The herbal medicine from plants, animals or minerals that modern herbal medical and pharmacists have studied and experimented and accepted the results of herbs. For use in the treatment of various diseases, which may be in the form of natural herbs through powder grinding process or as a form of extracting certain substances from herbs to be useful Including nanoparticles.
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