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Thai herbs are recognized for quality and safety for a long time. Has a history of use in the past in many countries But due to lack of advanced knowledge in the development Formulation for various diseases in specific healing and lack of attention to quality control and safety test in scientific in order to be widely accepted ​

Our research and development teams has jointly developed and done the In-Vitro scientific test, including Toxic tests for over 5 years until the discovery of the current herbal medicine secret formula. That helps in the care and treatment of various illnesses are successful at present, the team has continuously developed with more than 10 scientific research and development formulas and continues to develop as part of a society that helps patients to live a normal life.

Year 2019, the company began production and preparation of distribution Herbal medicines to help and treat diabetes and diabetic wounds for all patients around the world. Which has already been patented and gradually produce other drugs Continued to be a good choice for patients around the world

At present, the research team has conducted research in In-Vivo in order to extend the sustainable development and to enable Thai herbs to be recognized globally in the future of safety and efficiency standards.

Brand overview


From the research team and the formula development team, which was set up in 2013.

“ Through experiments, inventions and proofs in many categories, until getting proof in the efficiency and safety for serving to consumers. The research team has developed more than 10 different formulas herbal medicines during 5years. It have properties for the treatment, relief of various specify illnesses we focused on.  ”

“ To begin operations in many issue such as submitted patent formulations and continuously conducted scientific research ready for production and distribution. By emphasizing on quality and efficiency proved by science under our slogan “Better Quality Better Life” We are committed to every consumer that “Julamanee herb products” will be effective health products for consumers as always with fair price and pay attention to safety. ”

The team established the company.



The company launched the first product.

“ Julamanee C Plus Capsule” to treat and relieve or healing diabetes and diabetes wound ( Diabetic Ulcer ) , under the brand name “JULAMANEE” Our products will distribute to both online and offline such as pharmacies shop or leading healthy stores nationwide, along with the official dealer and all well-known Online distribution. Will continuously launching other herbal medicines application later this year ( 2019 ) to serve all consumer demand. ”

“JULAMANEE” Thai herb medicine ready to serve

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